An outstanding Baby Photographer is here.

White Shade Graphics is one of the best photography studio in India. Baby photography is our most appreciated speciality as compared with our competitors.

Plan your session.

We recommend to plan your baby's photoshoot on their first birthday or once they start walking on their own.

Get ready for a picnic!

We create memories, long lasting!

We understand how important it is for you to gather memories of your little one, believe us, we know how it feels.

Their 1st Milestone.

It feels like yesterday you held your little one for the first time in your arms and now the 1st milestone is all that matters.

Yes! It is the time to capture them in our camera's and most importantly, in your memories.
Environment matters.

We recommend you ask your full family to join the picnic for the shoot. Your baby has a special bonding with family members and reacts differently with different people.

Oh! It will be an outdoor event, without any doubt.

Babies are the special gift of nature and nature should be captured naturally. Babies are naturally attracted to the creation of nature and that's what we need, fresh air, flower and open sky.


If you have any special request for your baby photography, we would definitely like to know it, feel free to discuss with us.

Unlimited Photographs.

We click and click and click until we are satisfied. Baby shoots are a bit hectic for us but we love it as we spend a beautiful time gathering those memories for you. Its an honour for us.

Props and costumes.

While we are doing an outdoor session, we recommend you to get whatever possible. Little ones favourite dress, toys, car, dress and toys and a lot of dresses again. We hope you understand.


Pandemic will end soon and so does our offer on advance booking. We recommend you to block your date today as we are ready to start shooting just after Lockdown!

Different locations.

Why limit ourselves with just one location when we have plenty of them around the city. Right from the golden hour in the morning (sunrise) to golden hour in the evening (sunset), we shoot on the best-suited locations as much as possible.


We deliver you all our clicks for you to select for edits and print. Normally we deliver 15 page A3 album that contains around 80 to 100 images well designed non-tearable high matt (NTHM) album with premium sparkle cover and an amazing carry bag.

*Unless otherwise as discussed.

Check out our amazing clicks!