Perfect Sunset Shot


White Shade Graphics present a unique and complete Photography Training Course for all photography lovers. Learn the Manual Mode of a professional camera along with the essential rules that will enhance the experience of the photographer. Join only if you love photography or if you really want to learn some great skills to enhance your career in the field.

Learn from the Experts

Experts are the photographers who are already working in the photography field. By this time you will meet different experts and will get a chance to learn something new from them.

On Field Training

We believe that on-field training is really important to explore the unlimited possibilities while learning. A live experience will go a long way.

Learn Post Processing

A photographer should also learn the tips and tricks of post-processing, that is photo editing, colour correction and retouching to enhance your creativity.

One Month and More

No one can have expertise in a short period of time and photography is a skill that comes with experience and not just a camera. We will help you learn better even if it takes more than a month.

Offline Interaction

While the world is going online, few experiences are well experienced offline. A real human interaction and their experiences will teach you something geat and well, in real-time .

Real Life Experience

What's better than a real-life experience? Nothing. Life teaches us each and every day and this is the base of our course to provide great learning.

Earn Certificate

What better than an earned reward that can provide you with a start to your career. A certificate is a recognition that will help you achieve more in your journey.

Three Days in a week

Well, if you own a camera, fantastic and if you don't, no worries, we will guide you three days a week and two hours a day with our camera, setup and euipments.

This course is available only in Lucknow.

₹ 4999.00  ₹15000.00

18% GST (Rs. 899.82 Extra)