Learn about bandwidth and it's importance in website.

No website designer will tell you this. It is a fact that 98% of first-time clients have no idea about bandwidth. It is my observation that 80% of renewal-clients are still unaware of the word. Whenever I meet a client and try to explain about the expenses related to bandwidth and other requirements, they are actually confused because no one ever told them its importance. All they know about the domain, hosting and maybe SEO. Clients don't even know about SSL security and its importance.

For many years, designers and developers looted their clients in every way possible. Website industry is growing like never before and if we talk about India, after the digitalization of services in the country, the industry is generating more of its revenue through online marketing. Business owners are now aware of their presence on the internet and social media sites. Having a business website is good, but the low-quality website is like a bad dressing sense. Just like an office, a website should have high-quality of everything to attract visitors and convert them into sales.

Website bandwidth is as important as hosting. For example, you have a well-decorated office, it will leave a good impression on your business but what if you don't have a good management? Your customer will get confused because of the delay in work, isn't it? Same way, you have well-designed websites, after its launch the website was fast and everything was going great, but after a few days, the pages of your website are loading slow. Most of the time, you will blame your internet, but you won't blame your website designer as the designer will say that your website is still online and everything is running smoothly and you cannot argue with the same.

So now that you understood that the bandwidth is nothing but the speed of your website. In fact, it is the data speed. Let's take another example, that will clear your doubt understanding the bandwidth. Suppose you have a sim card in your phone and you can access high-speed internet with it. But before accessing the internet you choose a weekly, monthly or yearly plan. A plan of a certain amount, let's assume Rs 399 will give you benefits like Unlimited calling, 3000 SMS and 1.5 Gb data per day for 30 days. After consuming 1.5 Gb data, you have experienced either you can no longer use the internet or the internet speed is incredibly low to use. That is bandwidth.

In simple words, suppose your website has a plan of 5 GB bandwidth, valid for one year and you have 5 pages on your website of about 100 MB in total. Every visitor that visits your website always consume the bandwidth data. Suppose your visitors are consuming an average of 50 MB on your website then after 10000 visits, your website will get become too slow to load. You and your visitors may blame their internet speed but the truth is you will lose a potential customer and that is absolutely a loss for your business.

Hope you understood the benefits and importance of bandwidth. Also read, how much bandwidth you require for smooth running of your website.

An article by

Gaurav Singh Rajput,

Owner and Founder of White Shade Graphics.

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