How much bandwidth you require for smooth running of your website.

You may have understood the importance of bandwidth in a website, but how much bandwidth your website actually require for a smooth run? This is very tricky but the most important question of all time. Many different service providers may provide bandwidth as per their package, which can actually cost you a lot of money. Bandwidth is something that you can't ignore if you are planning to grow your business online. Always remember, your website is your online office. People will search for you, find you and enquire about your services at any time from anywhere.

While you may calculate the bandwidth you require for your website, we recommend to opt for an unlimited bandwidth plan. Yes, you read it correctly, you can always ask your service provider for an unlimited bandwidth plan for your website. Many genuine website designers will automatically assign you the unlimited bandwidth plan without even asking. Unlimited plan may seem costly but if you calculate the growth and results that you have planned from your website, it's one of the best decision you can make. For a note, White Shade Graphics always provide unlimited bandwidth with all its website-related services.

Certainly, having a website seems to be the most confusing as you may have never heard terms like Bandwidth, SSL Security, Google Console, Meta Descriptions and many more but don't worry, all genuine pieces of knowledge is being shared in our blogs. We are trying our best to provide you with important information regarding everything of our services.

For small businesses, who are unable to opt-in for unlimited bandwidth due to high prices, can calculate their bandwidth requirement using a simple formula: You need to find out the total size of your website and approx visitors you are expecting around the year. Suppose the total size of your website is 5 MB and you are expecting a maximum of 2500 visitors in a year, then you will need around 12 GB Bandwidth (2500 x 5MB is equalled to 12500 MB divided by 1024 MB). Please note that 1024 MB is equalled to 1 GB. Also, understand that the following calculation is based on the no. of visitors you are expecting on your website but in reality, you may receive high or low no. of visitors due to SEO and other factors which include human behaviours.

If you are still unclear about the bandwidth requirement then go for a simple formula: If you are capable of and/or planning to grow your business online then you should opt for the unlimited bandwidth plan and if you are a small business owner and require a website for a basic online visibility then go for a 10 GB yearly plan. You can always Increase your bandwidth if you even plan the growth of your online business in future. Hope this makes some sense.

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