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White Shade Graphics - Best Responsive Website Designer in Lucknow

Responsive Website Designing

Best Website Designer in Lucknow!

We are designers, not developers. We don't code; we create. First, understand the need for a website for your business. We design websites specifically for small and medium-sized businesses such as fitness, education, real estate, professionals, consulting firms, and a variety of other service-based businesses. The main objective of these businesses is to provide information related to their services on their website so that people can find them on the internet.

In short, we provide all the essential services for you and your business to establish a unique online presence.

White Shade Graphics - Best Web Designer in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Website Designing in Lucknow
First impression is important.

Your website is the online office that represents your business. Always be fresh and presentable because the first impression is often the last one.

Our Website Services

We provide multiple options for our website services. Have a look.

Mobile-friendly cloud designing.

We understand that most of your customers will visit your website from a mobile device, and therefore, we design a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website that not only looks and feels good on computers but also on most smartphones.

Cloud computing is a modern technique in which all of our websites are designed and hosted online so that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. This traditional breaking method gives us the privilege to edit and publish any change immediately.

White Shade Graphics - Best Mobile-friendly Website Designer in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best SEO-friendly Website Designer in Lucknow

Get found on Google and stay secured.

Our keyword planning for your on-page SEO will help you establish your online presence on the world's largest search engine, Google! We ensure all your important web pages are well indexed.

We create websites with bank-level SSL security that ensures all the information submitted to your website is unhackable. Secured websites rank on Google much faster.

Unlimited bandwidth and live chat integration.

Bandwidth is the amount of data consumed by your user while visiting your website. We ensure that you get unlimited bandwidth so that your website never gets slow, even if it gets a lot of traffic.

Live chat integration will help you connect and interact directly with website visitors. This is an optional, free integration that can benefit your business but requires a representative to chat.

White Shade Graphics - Best Website Designer in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Website Designer in Lucknow

Marketing integrations and add ons.

Your website is capable of almost anything. If you are planning to use your website for promotions, we can connect your website to leading marketing services like Google and Facebook.

There are 100s of add-on services that we can add to your website, like a payment gateway, a professional email address, and much more.

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