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White Shade Graphics - Best Responsive Website Designing in Lucknow

Cloud designing means less worry and less maintenance. We don't select a server and upload your website every time you need a change, we create and maintain website on an amazing cloud platform with premium features like chat and automation. The website upgrades with the latest technology and is designed to look great on both mobile and computers. We focus on design and SEO because presentation is what matters the most. And bonus, our websites are SSL secured.

E-commerce has been in trend from over a decade and today people are shopping online and getting products delivered at home. Not only the market leaders but also the star-ups, small and medium scale vendors are using e-commerce platform to sell their products directly to the customers. We create e-commerce websites with Login/Signup options and integrate cart and connect you with payment gateways. You can choose package according to your products and site facilities.

White Shade Graphics - Best E-commerce Website Designing in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best One Page Website Designing in Lucknow


One page website is one of a kind and trending form of website in which a business or individual showcase themselves in just one page in which every detail of the individual or business or a single product is being mentioned in just one single page that contains a story, image, about, contact and other details with contact and other forms. One page site is best for the one who knows the value of time and understands what the world demands. We create site with premium features and add-ons can be made anytime. These websites are also responsive.


You might have your own website and wants it to upgrade with different look and premium features. Well, we understand you but we won't use your existing platform, we don't work on other's creation, we create from scratch. We will re-design your website from our point of view. Your domain will be unaffected and your website won't disappear from internet. We can use previous site's content to create something new and don't worry, your old SEO and links on search engines won't be affected as we will divert it all to the new site.

White Shade Graphics - Best Responsive Website Re-designing in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Guide in Domain Name Registration in Lucknow


Are you planning to create a website, or not ? But wants to buy domain name so that no one else can take it from you. Or you might be having a domain name and wants to renew it ? But have we told you that we offer domain name free for first year if you create website from us ? On a second thought you can do a lot with your domain name without having a website. You can forward your domain on any page, such as your facebook page, or twitter, or anything else. And even you can use domain for buying professional mailbox.


Search Engine Optimisation has always been a topic to get on search results and to improve search rankings. SEO helps you to establish on search engines such as Google and with time and right keywords you will increase your ranking. It takes time. Our website packages include SEO. But if you want results in less time then SEO is a huge topic to discuss. From back-end support to blog writing and paid advertisement such as Adwords will help you boost your website.

White Shade Graphics - Best Website SEO - Search Enging Optimization Services in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Professional Mailbox Business Email Setup in Lucknow


Sending a mail from professional or business email id is more official than sending a mail from free mail such as gmail or yahoo. Business email helps you gain trust and builds confident in clients. Having a professional email means having an email id on your own domain. This will help customers to understand that the business is true and a trust will be developed because no one spend a paisa if they are fraud. We offer professional mailbox set-up according to your choice.


If you are dealing in e-commerce or you are selling services on your website then receiving payment online is another big step to boost your business. You need to be a registered business to accept payment online. You can ask your designer to integrate the gateway in your existing website and if your site is designed by us then we will register and integrate the payment gateway for you.

White Shade Graphics - Best Payment Gateway Setup in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Online Blog and Member's Forum Website Designerin Lucknow


If you are a writer then having a blog is a great way to express yourself to the world. Create a blog site or a website with blog section is your choice but blog also helps you to boost your website as it helps in SEO. Member's Forum is place to discuss on various topic where people sign up on your site and have their own profile on your website. Only you can decide who can join your forum.


Website is also a part of digital world and is connected to digital marketing. Social media is connected to website and other platforms and website is connected to social media and other advertisement platforms. If an individual or business wants to establish on digital platform, the combination of both comes together to create a huge impact on the consumers. We provide digital media marketing to reach your potential customers

White Shade Graphics - Best Digital Marketing and Advertising Company in Lucknow
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