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Dear readers, because of the covid-19 situation in the country, weddings got postponed for about 6 months or more. Many photographers have already lost their only way of income and because of the same, studios started booking upcoming weddings for the 2021-2022 season.

The reality is, if you have already booked an upcoming wedding, you will be getting the best photographers available in the market. But latecomers will have to suffer the situation of paying more and getting the worst output.

Image by Bhushan Borole
Image by Vaibhav Nagare

What should you do?

Our approach to you is that even if you were the one who has cancelled your wedding and planning to execute the ceremony in 2021 - 2022 then provide dates to your photographer and book in advance. No photographer or studio will take bookings in the end or you will end up getting less for what you will be charged.

White Shade Graphics has also started booking ceremony dates for our photography services and here, we are announcing our attractive packages to ease your pocket. 


Excited already?

Then check out our packages and book your dates at the earliest.

Traditional Photography and Videography

Capture scenario as it is. The traditional way of photography is used to capture wedding ceremonies as it is. In short, it will record all the rituals as it is happening. It is always recommended to have at least One Traditional Photographer and One Traditional Videographer to record and capture all your ceremonies.

Image by Pranav Kumar Jain
Image by Pranav Kumar Jain
Candid Photography and Videography

Candid as you know it is modern-day photography that records or capture various moments that contains real emotions. We know how an Indian wedding is the most emotional transformation in two families. A candid photographer doesn't ask you to pose, it just captures your important moments and real emotions.


Have you have seen movies and wonder how they record movies that are really smooth and have different amazing angles. Those shots combined together becomes a cinema. Cinematic weddings are really popular in modern photography. Don't worry that doesn't cost more if you are comparing it with a Bollywood movie. It's the use of some equipment and training that makes a videographer a cinematographer.

Before we begin.

Before we begin, please understand few points which are commonly used in wedding photography.

  • Half Function - Any ceremony that is concluded within 4 to 6 hours known as Half Function. Ex. Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Engagement, Reception, etc.

  • Full Function - Any function that is concluded within 10 to 12 hours known as Full Function. Ex. Wedding Ceremony that starts from Nikasi and includes Baraat, Dwaarchaar, Jaimala, Mandap and ends with Vidaai.

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Image by Scott Webb


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