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White Shade Graphics - Best SMM - Social Media Marketing Company in Lucknow


From designing posts to running campaign on social media sites is what social media marketing is. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. provide tools for running campaigns on their platform. They provide a huge database to reach potential customers. These promotions are paid and only an expert can invest your money to reach your targeting and potential consumers. Even posting fresh and eye catching designs on social media pages regularly is important to stay connected to your fans or consumers. It is only presentation that a business becomes a brand.


Having a website is not enough if you want to grow in your business. You need visitors on your website and there is when SEO and SEM comes to your help. Search Engine Marketing not only help in your SEO but also with right campaign and correct targeting, it helps you to gain potential customers. Google is a market leader in search engine and we will be using Google tools and advertisements to provide you efficient visitors on your website to create leads.

White Shade Graphics - Best SEM - Search Engine Marketing Company in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Backend Marketing Company in Lucknow


Backend marketing can dramatically helps you to boost your business. Backend is a back door for getting into people's mind and soul if other brand or popular business refers or writes about your business on their website or social media pages. If a brand supports you online or if you get sponsorship from a well known person or brand then their potential fans or consumers can become your consumers too. There's a lot of people, businesses, reviewers and brands that does paid promotions. We will help you get attached with a famous brand. You will instantly get a boost in your business journey.


Email has already being a part of one's digital journey. Its a traditional form of marketing which is very effective even in modern era. We all have email ids and its our very first digital identity we create to use most of the services available on the internet. Email marketing is efficient and a great form of communication. We create automation on our designed websites to greet subscribers or to the one who filled any form. We send periodic emails to them about our product, service and offers. Its a great way of communicating your existing and new customers to grab their attention once in a while.

White Shade Graphics - Best Email Marketing Company in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best SMS Marketing Company in Lucknow


The very basic feature of any phone is Sms. Sms marketing is still alive as it has the potential to reach even common people. If you have a list of phone numbers or you have a website and use subscribe form so that people can subscribe to receive sms related to your services then sms marketing is very effective for you. Sending updates and offers related to your product or services constantly can help you boost your profits. Sms marketing is widely used and is very much recommended for a business to present themselves as a brand.


Now here it comes to the most modern form of marketing. Whatsapp today has become a part of everyone's life and is widely used for direct communication. Whatsapp has introduced its Business app with some additional features to help businesses in better communication with their customers. Features like, business profile, image and video status, direct or group chat, auto reply and broadcast can help your business to move one step ahead with growth in your sales.

White Shade Graphics - Best Whatsapp Marketing Company in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Notification Marketing Company in Lucknow


Have you visited a website and a browser popup ask you to subscribe? Then that's what notification marketing is. If you have pressed the Yes button then you may have received a notification saying thanks on your smartphone or windows notification. Just like an app notification, the web notification helps to trigger texts or image based notification with latest offers and subscribers that can be clicked and can be diverted to any website you want. It generate leads from your website subscribers. We can integrate the same on our designed website.


Have you ever imagine that your smartphone can be your co-marketing partner? Yes, its true, mobile marketing include the apps and default settings you use on your mobile can turn into marketing abilities. You may have created mobile profile and have used apps like Truecaller, Google Duo, Share-it or even have used featured like bluetooth and wifi. All these can help your business to recognise in silent way. We know how to use these tools for a strong business growth!

White Shade Graphics - Best Mobile Marketing Company in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Internet Marketing Company in Lucknow


Internet is full on opportunities and there is unlimited tools available to grow your business and create a brand from it. We know some market leaders and will create your business profile on some searchable sites. Having your presence wherever possible is one of the great marketing strategy to have a great recognition. This will help you in your boost in search engine and its also a form of backend marketing. These market leaders provide options to generate leads from their platforms. We will help you to get the best deal on paid advertisements.


Writing blog on your website for users to gain attention will boost your website's Seo the most. The more a user interact and spend time on your website, the more search algorithm will trust on your website and this is how you boost your search engine ranking. Having contents with great keywords that people usually search on Google and the writing that can connect the user will get you more website visitors. Promoting your blog on social media sites will double the boost and your campaign can generate more potential leads.

White Shade Graphics - Best Content Marketing Company in Lucknow
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