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Refund Policy of White Shade Graphics | Best Photographer | Best Website Designer | Best Digital Marketing | Lucknow


The terms "We" / "Us" / "Our" / ”Company” / "Firm" / "Business" individually and collectively refer to White Shade Graphics.

The terms "You" / "Your" / "Visitor” / ”User” / "Customer" / "Client" / "Participant" refer to the Users.

Services offered by us have a different plan of action to complete the task, thus refund policy differs from one service to others.

Find a breakup of policies on this page.



We have a strong policy for our photography services. This policy is applied to all our Photography and Cinematography services mentioned on our Photography and Cinematography page.

We charge payments in 3 to 4 parts, 5 to 10% at the time of booking, 80 to 85% on the (first) day of the scheduled shoot, and the remaining 10 to 15% at the time of the final deliverable or as mentioned in the photography contract.


  • The booking amount is non-refundable under any circumstances. However, the amount can be adjusted in another event if the planned event gets canceled.

  • A full refund can be issued if we are unable to manage your work due to some unavoidable or explainable issues (will be informed on or before the first event date).

  • A part refund can be issued on unavoidable technical failure or unmanageable man-power issues, for example, if a camera or photography equipment failed to perform or less man-power or photographer attendance due to health or other explainable and unmanageable genuine reasons.

  • We are not liable to process any refund if any technical failure happens after the shoot, for example, if a memory card failed to read or a storage device crashed.

  • No refund will be provided if the event or shoot gets cancelled or rescheduled from the customer's end as our schedule is booked according to the dates and details provided at the time of booking.

  • No refund will be initiated if the customer voids any conditions mentioned in the photography contract provided at the time of booking in print, whatsapp or email.

  • We are not obliged to offer a refund for the number of photographs and length of the video(s) received by the customer or missing photographs and video clips of member(s) in the event(s).

Please note: Any refund will take a maximum of 15 working days to process or as per the agreement, if signed any.


This refund policy is for all our website designing and related services mentioned on our Website Designing Page. Website designing is a yearly subscription-based service and we charge payments in 2 parts, 60% at the time of booking and the remaining 40% before the website opens live for the public or as mentioned in the website designing contract.


Please understand that :

  • We take projects very seriously and we start working immediately after we receive the booking amount.

  • Web design demands extensive resources and incurs internal expenses.

  • We cannot issue any refund once we invest time and money for a project.

  • A full refund can be issued if we are unable to start your work due to explainable issues from our end.

  • A part refund can be issued if you are not satisfied with the end result as per the terms mentioned in the contract provided at the time of booking in print, whatsapp or email.

  • No refund will be initiated if the customer voids any condition mentioned in the contract.

  • We are not bound to provide any refund if the customer asks for continuous change in design and layout.

  • No refund will be provided if otherwise mentioned in terms of the written contract.


We take "No" as any request made for a refund (unless otherwise mentioned in the contract) for all our digital marketing and related services mentioned on our Digital Marketing and Management page. Our no refund policy for Digital Marketing Services is based on the factor that these services are monthly subscription-based services and we charge 100% payment in advance for the month or as per mentioned in the digital marketing contract.

There is a slight chance of issuing :

  • A full refund for the month if we are unable to start working due to explainable issues from our end.

  • A part refund if any delay in delivering the service(s) occurs from our end.


White Shade Graphics reserve all the rights to change or modify full or part of this refund policy as per requirement without prior notice. All customers are advised to visit this frequently. Any terms in this policy will not overwrite a written contract signed at the time of opting for any services from us unless otherwise mentioned in the written contract.

Our services have milestones and once each of these milestones are met, payment may be required. You agree to give us the things we jointly agree that we need to complete the project milestones and in the format we need it. We will also need you to review our work, provide feedback and approval promptly. You agree to be bound by the dates we set together. Finally, you agree to stick to the payment schedule. If all terms are met according to this refund policy, you may request a refund for any undelivered services. To request a refund, you simply must submit an email to stating the reasons for this request. We will then review this request and reply within 48 hours.

Please note that payment will be refunded on the same account from which the transaction has been made. For example, if paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment made via payment gateway, the refund will be made to the same account unless otherwise refund mode is mutually decided.

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