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White Shade Graphics - Best Event Photographer in Lucknow

Event Photography and Cinematography

Best Event Photographer in Lucknow!

White Shade Graphics is one of the most experienced photographers based in Lucknow, with expertise in live public and private event photography. We understand each and every assignment and work with our clients to provide the best possible output.

Our event photography and cinematography are well captured to become the memories of a lifetime.

White Shade Graphics - Best Event Photography and Cinematography in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Function Photography and Cinematography in Lucknow
We learn and grow with each day.

There is no limit to learning, which is why even after all these years of experience, we thrive to learn new techniques with each day passing.

We have covered all sort of events like College Parties, Farewell Functions, Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Proposal Evenings, Retirement Parties, Kitty Parties, Romantic Dates, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, Fashion Shows, Product Launch, Festivals, Exhibitions, NGO Shows, Sports, Competitions, Political Events and what not!

Our Event Services

We provide multiple types and expertise in our event photography services. Have a look.

Traditional Photography and Videography.

Capture the scenario as it is. The traditional method of photography is used to capture live events as they are. In short, it will record all the actions as they happen. It is always recommended to have at least one traditional photographer and one traditional videographer to record and capture all your live event.

White Shade Graphics - Best Event Traditional Photography and Videography in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Event Candid Photography and Videography in Lucknow

Candid Photography and Videography.

Candid, as you know, is modern-day photography that records or captures various moments that contain real emotions. We know how the emotion flows in an Indian event. A candid photographer doesn't ask you to pose; it just captures your important moments and real emotions.


Movie like visuals that are really smooth and have movements in every frame. Those visuals combined to create a cinematic experience. Cinematography is really popular in modern events as people want to create experiences rather than store boring recordings. It is the use of some equipment and training that makes a videographer a cinematographer. It is not expensive to include cinematography in your event. 

White Shade Graphics - Best Event Cinematography in Lucknow
White Shade Graphics - Best Event Drone Photography and Cinematography in Lucknow

Drone Photography and Cinematics.

Drones are now widely used in open venues and streets to capture various events from above, where no human can ever reach. Drone photography and cinematography are popular at most Indian events for providing never-before-seen magical visuals.

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